Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning

Daikin’s ducted air conditioners units employ re-engineered high static technology to deliver exceptional seasonal efficiency all year round, and can be easily fitted into narrow ceiling voids thanks to its slim, space saving profile. Only the grilles of the air conditioning unit are visible, making the ducted units ideal for those concerned with aesthetics. The Seasonal Smart system allows user to make significant savings in energy consumption by selecting evaporating and condensing temperatures manually. High external static pressure of up to 200-250Pa allows Daikin ducted air conditioning units to be fitted for longer runs of flexible duct-work, and to provide heating and cooling to oddly-shaped or longer rooms.

Reverse cycle AC units use pumps to shift either hot or cold air from one place to another. Warm air is drawn in by a fan and passed over a cold refrigerant, creating colder air to condition the room. The evaporated refrigerant flows into a compressor, creating a gas with high pressure and high temperature which is then pumped into a heat exchanger, where it cools and re-liquifies. The refrigerant is returned to its original low-pressure state where it can begin absorbing heat once again.

If your room needs heating instead of cooling, this process is simply reversed. Daikin uses R410A as the refrigerant in our ducted air conditioners and reverse cycle AC units, which does not contribute to ozone depletion and gives higher seasonal energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions than R-22. Daikin ducted air conditioners come with A+ Energy labels to deliver superb efficiency and comfortable cool or warm conditions to any large room.

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